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Gift of Life Adoption

Gift of Life Adoption is a Florida-based child adoption agency in the United States. They offer services to both adoptive families to find children, new born babies and toddlers for adoption and also help mothers to find adoptive parents who are willing to give their babies up for adoption. Besides, the agency also help both […]

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LaORT Junior College

ORT is one of the largest education and training organization in the world, operated in more than 60 countries. We work for LAORT which is actually Los Angeles-base Junior College offer different programs in Business, Healthcare, Technology and English subject. This College has been providing high quality vocational education and training for college students looking to develop […]

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DinkyFeet Photography

Dinky Feet Photography is a renowned newborn baby photographer website based in Sheffield, UK. The photographer name is Maggie Robinson. In 2016, she won the final of the Photographer of The Year Awards at the Newborn Photography Show. Maggie launch this “DinkyFeet Photography” website to offer her professional services to the new parents especially in Killamarsh, Sheffield area […]

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Cobb & North Atlanta Investment Properties

Cobb and North Atlanta Investment Properties is a real Estate agent company located in Georgia State of the United States. The business of this company is to search and buy all old and exhausted houses in North Atlanta region, buy the at cheaper price, invest in that property for renovation and sell at much cheaper […]

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Shower Filter Store

Shower Filter Store is a family owneed business operated under “Newmarket Naturals” which is the registered business name in the USA. This business family is involved in Shower and drinking water filtration business for more than 30 years. However, they start selling their products through online store i.e. Shower Filter Store since 2009.At the beginning, […]

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Shrayer Law, LLC

Glen H. Shrayer is one of the most renowned practicing lawyer in the Florida state. He is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, he also practice in other state’s Federal courts i.e. Massachusetts, New York and Michigan. He led a group of efficient lawyers under the banner of Shrayer Law, LLC and mainly offer specialized […]

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