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Our SEO agency is not like the other large organization that is expensive to afford. We are a small team of true online marketing professionals dedicatedly work for our client's projects. Our client's business success means our success.

Backlinks are still one of the three major core factors of the ranking algorithm. But, with time passes away, the tradition changes a lot. Now link acquisition through content marketing brings the best value and that's what we do.

Content Marketing and Backlink Building Services by Freelancers HUB

Content Marketing & Link Building Services

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Off-site or Off-page search engine optimization is all about the actions taken by website owners or SEO experts to impact or improve the ranking of websites in search engines. It also includes several practices to improve the reliability, trustworthiness and user experience who visit the website.

It’s also inevitable to understand why and when off-site SEO matters? It comes after on-page optimization. The search engines are making regular changes to the factors that impact ranking of the websites and in order to stay on top, off-page SEO plays a great role. Google is the most popular and widely used search engine with others like Bing, Yahoo etc. Search Engine Ranking Factor study found out that off-site SEO carries 50% weight when it comes to impacting ranking of a website.

Why Content Marketing is Needed?

People in digital marketing know that content is king. And this phrase says a lot about why content marketing is important and very much needed. SEO experts argue that content marketing is the heart of most digital marketing campaigns. There are multiple reasons for why content is king and there are as follows:

Building Trust

There is always a deep relationship with business and its customers. People who want more exposure of their brand and build relationships with their customers, content marketing helps in this regard. With authentic, reliable and worth reading content a brand stays atop and is distinguished from the competitors.

Brand Awareness

For every online business, digital marketing is inevitable and without online presence, no business can succeed in this modern-day world. There are a lot of people who don’t know about your business or brand and this content marketing that drives more visitors and traffic to the site. With every new visitor,
Need of Content Marketing and Linkbuilding Explained by Freelancers HUB

your brand gets more exposure and more conversions. 78% customers believe companies or brands should use articles instead of ads to raise brand awareness while 70% consumers find such brands reliable who use regular content for online marketing.

Improve Brand Reputation

One of the best benefits of content marketing is that it helps improve the reputation of your brand for online consumers and visitors. In today’s world of internet, most of the purchases are made online and customers don’t prefer going shopping. With help of great, genuine and engaging content, a brand can easily improve the brand reputation, gain more visitors and increase conversions for better business growth.

Content Marketing Influences Conversions

There are a good number of benefits website owners are getting from content marketing and one of them is increase the conversion rates. Conversion rates refers to turning the visitors into customers and more sales mean better business growth. With content marketing, brands get 6 times more conversions. A study from the US showed that 61% visitors decided to make purchase with a brand online after reading comments on the blog. And 74% companies surveyed for content marketing reported they noticed increase in their sales and profit after they used content marketing for conversions.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

For an effective content marketing strategy, the bloggers and SEO experts stay connected with the latest content marketing trends and approaches. There are continuous changes to how the search engines work, what changes the search engines introduce to cater growing needs for better ranking. Relationship building is an important approach for content marketing. In this approach, you search for other relevant authority sites where you can get your content published and in return the sites offer backlinks within the content. More backlinks on quality and high ranked websites lead to better ranking and improvement of website performance.

To achieve content marketing, two types of content marketing strategies are used:

  • Two-layer format Link Building Strategy
  • Advanced Level Link Acquiring Strategy

Two-layer format Link Building Strategy

This strategy is useful for the new sites. When a site is developed and it gets ready for users, the site needs SEO and for a new site there is always a different approach. You can’t apply the old and outdated techniques for a new site that should be treated with great care. With this strategy, the following goals are achieved.

Professional SEO freelancers and experts work to build a base of healthy backlink profile for the website. Without healthy and top website backlinks, the site can never be ranked on top. For this, it’s really important to outreach and find the websites where you can get healthy backlinks

Once the experts get a list of websites where content with backlinks will be published, access is requested to post and publish content. With regular and weekly content posting, the sites start getting a domain authority and appears in search results. This is a long process and takes 4-6 months for a site to rank against certain keywords.

And lastly, the experts make sure these backlinks and healthy links stay on the website. In case, the links are removed or the page is dead, it affects site in negative manners. For that reason, only best and top rated websites are chosen where the content stays for long and doesn’t impact website in negative ways.

Two Layer Format Link Building by Freelancers HUB

Methods Used for Two-layer format Link Building Strategy

Web 2.0 Blog creation and Blog posting

Article Creation and Distribution

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Business Listing on Reputed and Authority Websites

Citation Building

High authority Web Directory Submission

Business Profile Creation

Video Creation and Submission

PPT Creation and Submission

eBook Creation and Submission

Social Bookmarking

Social Sharing

Blog Commenting

Forum Posting

Guest Posting to High Authority Websites

Advanced Level Link Building Strategy

Advanced Backlink Building and Content Marketing by Freelancers HUB

We have talked about the two link format strategy for link building and that was for the websites who are not ranked well or popular in search engines. Websites which are already online for pretty long time and already have some authority over online actually needs a totally different strategy. How the advanced level strategy is used for the websites that already have healthy backlink profile and search engine presence?

With help of this strategy, high quality backlinks are obtained from high authority websites. This method has been in use for a long time and every SEO experts and professional digital marketing managers makes use of this approach when it comes to keeping up the good ranking and maintaining it for long time. Here below are the further details about what’s done in the advanced level link building strategy.

Link Prospecting

This is the first step when it comes to using the advanced level link building strategy. We know there are millions of websites in the world. Many are the people who have similar websites or business. Link prospecting is all about finding out such bloggers, websites and blogs with relevance to our business.

Once we find such people and websites or forums, we prepare a list of all these relevant websites and bloggers. A complete list is prepared with respect to certain standards like authority of the website, how popular of famous the blogger is and what kind of content they accept. In the last step, all these forums, websites and bloggers are outreached to acquire quality backlinks.

Blogger Outreach

Link prospecting was actually the base of blogger outreach. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of websites and bloggers who are doing the similar work in the similar business. This section refers to reaching to all these forums and blogs with similar niche.

A team of link builders prepares emails or kinds of messages to contact these forums and websites. It’s a very hectic phase to interact with every website and blogger. Most of them are rude enough to respond while others don’t just want to provide backlinks. However, it all depends on the person contacting these sites and people that how they convince them for content acceptance.

Once the forum/website give a go ahead, a pitch is sent to them. The pitch contains a summary or information in brief about article/content type, title, bio of the author and once the forums approves, a detailed post or content is sent to them that they publish on their sites and offer backlinks in return.

Broken Link Building

It often happens on many websites that content is not available or can’t be reached. The bloggers or forums delete outdated content and it affects the backlinks in that content. This is the job of SEO experts to find out all such posts and reaching out to the webmasters to request them to replace those backlinks with new and fresh content on their site.

Skyscraper Technique

This technique is used only for advanced level link building. This may seem difficult but it requires you to be best at creating engaging content. This is how the technique works. First you research trends, areas and topics that best cover your business or niche. In 2nd step, more engaging and better content is created with a twist. The last step is to outreach those people who have published similar content and send them your content to earn a backlink in return.

The technique works pretty well and there are multiple reasons for that. There is always a high demand for better content in any niche and the forums always look to acquire such content. Furthermore, this kind of content reaches the prime audience who may be easy to bring on your website and turn them into customers. Last but not the least, such websites offer high quality backlinks that play a significant role in increasing your website ranking in search engines.
68 Clients Served
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68 Clients Served
21.5k Working Hours
88 Projects Served
99 % Success Rate
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